Exploring Theme.json Creator (Zoom Session Announcement)

Hi all! I’m planning on hosting another create/code-along Zoom session. For the session, I’m hoping to explore some fun and funky ideas for the recently created Theme.json creator.

The Theme.json creator was an experimental something I put together one afternoon because I felt like it may be helpful with the new theme.json based configurations with Gutenberg. I’m not sure what the long term plan for this particular project would be. So far, it’s been wonderfully helpful from a Design Tools and G2 Components exploratory perspective (the UI was created with G2!).

I’m planning on starting the call on Friday, October 9th at 2:00PM EDT. The call may last 60-75 mins or so.

These Zoom hangouts sessions are very free-form! Everyone is welcome to join, engage, ask questions, and play! For those who can’t make it, no worries. I’ll be recording the call and uploading it to YouTube

I’ll share the Zoom link in this post (and on Slack) before the time of the call.

See you then!

By Q

I specialize in Design Systems, Interaction, and UI.
I'm a Principal Designer at Automattic.

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