Power Up! (G2 Updates)

G2 Components has had a fury of updates, as it prepares for the potential integration into Gutenberg! The nature of this work varied touching upon different areas along the spectrum that makes up the Component Layer that is G2.

Important system level requirements were addressed (or acknowledged), like automatic CSS variable generation for IE11 or automatic RTL styles. Developer experience received a boost with better type support. Most importantly, a lot of development and planning centred around how G2 Components could integrate with the Gutenberg project with minimal (ideally zero) disruption to the current systems in place.

We’ve started categorizing and organizing this work with Project boards on the G2 Components Github repository:

Screenshot of the G2 Components Github boards.

What’s Next

I believe that creating a roadmap (of sorts) would be useful in visualizing and communicating how we can successfully roll out G2 Components. There are many aspects of this Components Library project that need to be considered to ensure that the designers, developers, and ultimately end-users, receive the best UI experience possible. From system architecture design to code portability (aspects that the current project has focused heavily on) to developer and design resources such as tutorials and Figma components.


I wanted to thank everyone who has observed, supported, and participated with the project so far! Also, a special thanks to @saramarcondes for her incredible involvement with many of the recent updates.


By Q

I specialize in Design Systems, Interaction, and UI.
I'm a Principal Designer at Automattic.

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