Walkthrough + Integration Ideas

Earlier today, I had Twitch streaming session where I did a deep dive into the heart of the G2 Components project. I walked through the core systems and mechanics for the G2 Components project – Accessibility, Animations, Context, Gestures, Styles, and State (and Utils).

These systems aren’t unique in concept, but their implementation details are unique to the project. This is because, as a platform, WordPress and Gutenberg are unique. These are environments with a mountain of UI challenges and requirements – many of which cannot be holistically accommodated out-of-the-box with existing UI libraries or frameworks. This ultimately led to the designs and innovations that form the core systems, acting as the foundations of the entire Component library.

After the foundations were sound, we had to then strategize how we could deliver the component system in a way that did not disrupt the workflow for folks working on the platform (both core and 3rd party). After going over the basics of the system, we hop on over to the various charts and maps that detail how the project would potentially be integrated into Gutenberg in a highly controlled manner.

By Q

I specialize in Design Systems, Interaction, and UI.
I'm a Principal Designer at Automattic.

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