Integration Status

Happy New Year everyone 🎉 ! I hope everyone has had some time to take care of themselves and loved ones.

Picking up where we left off… We’re continuing the initial efforts to integrate the G2 Components project with Gutenberg, starting with the FontSizeControl component. We’ve adjusted a couple of details in our strategies to expedite the process a bit (while being aware and cautious for regressions). However, this doesn’t change the direction for the overall integration plans.

New Status Site

Screenshot of the G2 components integration status site.

I’ve been organizing and tracking progress using a public Google Sheet document. To make this a little easier to follow, I’ve created a simple status website that renders that information with a more pleasant UI. And oh yes, that site is 100% built with G2 Components and all of it’s glorious systems.

Status expanded.

Each section (or System) can be expanded to view more granular detail of sub tasks that need to be completed.

The URL for the status website is . It’s also been added to the top of this project blog under the navigation link of “Status”.

Screenshot of G2 project blog.

As always, feedback is always welcome :).

P.S. Curious how the site was created? Check out the source code on Github!


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